Still Looking for Funding!  

With sincere apologies, we have not been able to acquire enough funding and support to fully develop TAPS 2.0.  It is frustrating to have the technical ability to assist millions and not the funds to complete it. 

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TAPS is a Trigger-Activated Personal aSsistant. Wearable, wireless triggers let people with ALS, autism, and other disabilities communicate by triggering custom phrases on their phone, just by tapping their clothes.

They can also control screen readers, read emails and answer calls, and control home automation devices like lights and door locks. The Bluetooth triggers are flexible fabric that can attach to clothes or a wheelchair or cane. 

Currently, our prototype is built with our open-source DrumPants controller, but we are working on optimizing the design for assistive use cases, working with clinics, researchers, and our beta tester program participants to further develop the design. 

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