Media Release: TAPS on World Stage

CES 2016

January 5, 2016

For Immediate Release

Peterborough StartUp on World Stage

Peterborough, ON – Peterborough's Michael Zinn will be in Las Vegas presenting TAPS Wearable at Consumer Electronics Show (CES) on Thursday, January 7th at 10:15 a.m. PT. CES is the technology industry's largest educational forum and is known for some of the biggest technology product launches. The invitation-only conference is held annually over a four day period during which time technology developers showcase the latest technology.

Zinn will be joining a panel of speakers from including Frances West (IBM), Steve Merlis (Samsung), Jen Quinlan (Rithmio) and Oscar Werner (Tobii Tech) discussing promoting independence for people with disabilities through technology. They will present case studies showing how technology can extend the senses and otherwise help people with disabilities.

“This is an exciting opportunity to introduce TAPS to an international audience. I never would have imagined that a simple idea would garner the attention that it has. I'm excited to grow this technology into a solid Peterborough-based business,” said Zinn.

TAPS Wearable gives a voice to people who are unable to speak. T.A.P.S. (Trigger Activated Personal aSsistant) is a collection of wearable triggers that can be placed anywhere on a persons’ clothing or on a wheelchair. When paired to the user’s cell phone through Bluetooth, the user can TAP one of the various triggers to communicate customizable pre-programmed messages.

Recently TAPS won the AT&T NYU Connect Ability Challenge which is a three-month global software development competition leveraging mobile and wireless technologies to improve the lives of people living with disabilities. His cutting edge technology has been showcased at Wearable World Conference and has been partially funded through an IndiGoGo campaign.

TAPS is market ready and they are currently raising capital to mass produce. The presentation will be available online to watch at Follow Zinn on Twitter @TAPSwearable where he will be blogging his experience during the conference.

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